The reasons, why I love sweet


Cookies cranberies, orange with white chocolate for a rainy day. What else do I need?

1. Reduce stress

2. It’s sweet!!!! Simply sweet, atractive and never make me boring

3. Calm me down, specially when “sweet” combine with “cold” (ICE CREAM woaaaaahhhhhhhh ~____~ )

4. Cheer everyone up, when they are sad

5. Make children stop crying, shouting, or any annoying action FOR A WHILE

6. Save my life, when my stomach cramps

It’s hard to say and admit but I’m kind of egotistic and conservative, so it’s sometimes a problem for my friends to give me some advices or want to change me. Even when I know they’er right, my head still denies it, my heart beats so fast, wants to blow and shout at them. Sweet is like medical for my bad site, cures my soul, knocks down my “Ich-Perspektive”. and let me know, I can take everything easier and solve them by the best way.


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