Who are you in the internet?

who are you in the internet?

Tuesday is always the longest day in this semester. I have the class “Elbe-Studio”, which we will learn how to make live-streaming on the internet. Sound cool, huh? So just like every first lecture we had to answer some questions to introduce ourselves:

1. What’s your name?

2. What do you expect from this class?

3. What do you usually do beside study?

4. Who are you in the internet? 


Fine, who am I? His question made me think about this blog, about my hobby as writing. I stop it for a while, just like I stop English and stop sharing my stories with everyone around. Become no one for a while to concentrate on some must-achieve-goals is not so boring, but may be that is not the best choice for my life. That’s why I will try to share this blog with everyone. I don’t think my professor will find it out, and even he does, I’m not sure he will understand my crap-english, german and vietnamese. Whatever! Who cares? I’M ME ON WORDPRESS


Source of picture: girlguideto.com

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